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The NKH artist.

Passionate about the world of fashion and contemporary art, the French artist acting under the NKH pseudonym brings a decidedly new and cool touch to fashion. Rocked since his childhood in the world of the arts, he initially followed a law training but his creative spirit won himself. Artist in his soul, he quickly felt the need to exteriorize his creativity through the creation of an art-to-wear collection with a strong visual identity. 


NKH considers that ready-to-wear, traditionally standardized and mass produced without a particular soul, must be a work of art in its own right. Art must not be only a static object in a museum. The garment must be a work of art that lives !

According to the NKH artist, art must be able to live and be worn to be admired by all. It is thus that the garment proves to be a support lending itself particularly to the the artist approach.

The NKH artist takes timeless men’s and women’s cloakroom like tee-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sneakers etc. and retranscribes his emotions on these fashion pieces as a blank canvas. Thus he reinterprets these fashion standards as works of art that takes value over the time.


He likes to make fun with the world of art through an impertinent and offbeat side. Influenced by movements of abstract expressionism and Pop Art, he enjoys exploring the movements of painting that give a particular dynamic to the clothes. 

Fan of Jackson Pollock dripping effects, his contemporary art inspiration has a number of sources: Warhol, Basquiat, Banksy, Jonone, Alec, Duchamp, Ben, Keith Haring and many others. In search of the unexplainable beauty, a beautiful universal : to look at the work conceived an apparent simplicity and to realize its beauty and the emotions it carries without knowing why, whatever its age or its cultural baggage.


Wishing to transcribe the codes of contemporary art to the ones of fashion, all the hand-painted pieces coming out of the NKH workshop are unique : signed and numbered, they are delivered with a numbered authenticity card. Each piece made by the artist's hand is therefore unique and borrowed from a particular personality and soul. The movements are never the same, and as reflections and reflections on the aesthetics of shapes and colors evolve, there is an evolution in each piece.

The workshop.


The artist NKH, accompanied by his assistants, designs all the pieces in the NKH workshop located in the French Riviera.

Based on natural pigments and vegetable resins, the blends used give the paint a thick, flexible texture with a waterproofing treatment. A layer of special varnish is added to protect and ensure a natural glow to the pigments. Thanks to a patented process, the paint is impregnated in the garment while providing the paint with extreme flexibility that can follow the body movements. The garment must adapt to the wearer and must not become a constraint. The garment can thus be cleaned in a washing machine without special precaution. Like a jewel, some of pieces are also embellished with the prestigious Swarovski crystals.

The NKH workshop also offers a tailor-made service that allows its most loyal customers to acquire a unique piece without any measure.


Each step of creation is supervised by the NKH artist in the NKH workshop in the South of France. Each piece is worked with meticulousness and takes many hours of work, this is how a part of the soul of the artist are present on each art garment.

Borrowing the codes of contemporary art, the pieces of the hand-painted collection coming out of the NKH workshop are signed and then delivered with a numbered authenticity card.

Thus, like paintings, NKH clothing and accessories are real works of art that take on value over the time.



All parts coming out of the NKH workshop are therefore unique and very limited. They are offered for sale in small quantities in carefully selected boutiques and galleries, in line with the artistic and staggered world of the artist.


The NKH collection is also previewed in special private pop-up shops especially during the Fashion Week periods in Paris, Milan, London, New York and Los Angeles. Each season he exposes in the best fashion trade-shows to meet the best fashion retailers around the world : Tranoï, Pitti Uomo, Who’s Next, Liberty NYC, White Milan etc. Also, the artist had the chance to collaborate during special events with the renowned Parisian shops Printemps Haussman and the prestigious night-club VIP ROOM Paris.

Numerous famous personalities from the world of sport, television, singers, actors, photographers recognize themselves in the original, exclusive and offbeat universe of the NKH artist, have trusted his creativity and order outfits for their daily outfit or exceptional events like TV presentation, concert, parties …


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